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Pope Foundation Formation Aimed At Addressing Community Needs, Dwayne Pope Says

In her 1994 book “Motherless Daughters,” author Hope Edelmen explored a subject matter that is bound to affect an unimaginable number of lives every year in the U.S. In a telling passage from the book that’s noted in a recent Los Angeles Times article, Edelmen is quoted as saying the following about common traits of mother-less daughters: “A keen sense of isolation, a sharp awareness of our own mortality, …[and] the strong desire to give our children the kind of mothering we lost or never had.” The above struggle, which we will address at length later in this piece, is just one sobering fact of life that Dwayne Pope wanted to use his available resources to help remedy.

That’s because Mr. Pope in August 2017 founded The Pope Foundation, a Georgia-based non-profit organization. It has been less than a year since Dwayne Pope took the bold move to launch his foundation, but the past few months have already been packed with plenty of achievements. For starters, Mr. Pope made sure that his foundation would be the driving force behind a number of local events that benefitted the community. As a local resident himself, Dwayne Pope wanted to see children, teens and adults succeed and he knew that community-wide get-togethers — where folks could share resources and struggles — would eventually turn into a networking opportunity. As a non-profit organization, The Pope Foundation made sure to make charitable giving another priority on its to-do list. Recent statistics from the National Center for Charitable Statistics show that all Americans donated a combined $258.51 billion in 2014, which was a 7.1 percent increase from the 2013 total. With the nation as a whole in such a charitable mood, Dwayne Pope wanted to ensure that his namesake organization would be involved with valuable charitable giving initiatives as to improve the lives of those around him.

The above mindset is exactly why The Pope Foundation has been a long-standing supporter of the Motherless Daughters Foundation. Formed to provide a support system to young girls and teens growing up without their birth mother, for whatever reason, this year-round empowerment program hosts a number of local events. These include annual galas, holiday fundraisers, speaker gatherings, field trips and more. Given that the mission of the Motherless Daughters Foundation is to empower these girls and give them the tools to succeed “in spite of challenging circumstances,” Dwayne Pope saw how his foundation could step in to help. This has been accomplished on numerous occasions through frequent volunteering with the Motherless Daughters Foundation. As a result of this partnership with the Motherless Daughters Foundation, lives have been enriched and more eyes have been opened to the efforts that Dwayne Pope is spearheading in his community.